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You receive lemon law inquiries and take on new cases.

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We Grow Lemon Law Attorney Cases Online

We Help You Get More Leads, Fill Up Your Calendar & Get More Lemon Law Cases

If you don’t get leads, WE DON’T GET PAID. Stop wasting time and money with poor-performing marketing, and generate targeted and exclusive lemon law leads in 7-days or less – guaranteed

If you don't get leads, WE DONT GET PAID. Stop wasting time and money with poor- performing marketing, and generate targeted and exclusive lemon law leads in 7-days or less – guaranteed

We generate targeted and exclusive lemon law leads in 10 days or less - guaranteed or your don't pay!

"We are hiring new attorneys to handle our case load."

"I was hesitant but since we started working with Boolean Channel we took 8 cases in the first month."
Attorney Andy Turner
Turner Law Offices
"We receive inquiries daily! We are impressed!"
Attorney Jane Parker
Parker Law
"Boolean Channel is our expert partner for Lemon Law Firms."
Attorney Wyatt Bailey
BP Law Company
"We never received daily leads before despite all our past efforts on SEO."
Attorney Isaac Russell
Russell Law Firm LLC
"We keep increasing our budget with Boolean Channel month over month as they keep delivering quality leads for our firm."
Attorney Alice Williams
Mitchell Williams LLC
"Thanks to Boolean Channel we are handling more and more lemon law cases and are able to diversify our case load."
Attorney Graham Michael
Michael Lawyer

We could sell ice to Eskimos.
Instead, we choose to specialize in only a few industries. Why?

Would you rather have your Family Doctor pull a tooth, or a Dentist?
Sometimes a specialist is best. Here are the industries we’ve mastered:

Home Care

You need more clients, more hours, more referrals, and you probably prefer private pay.

We know exactly how to get you where you want to be.


You've got the clients, but now you need the talents!

We know exactly how to get you the staff you need to service your people.


More Veneers, Implants, Invisalign, Dentures, etc.

Tell us what you need, we'll send you people looking for your service.

Are you ready?


Motor clubs suck, but how else will you stay busy?

We'll send you towing calls, you ONLY pay for valid towing inquiries.

Yes, for real.

You've Tried Avvo, Nolo, Online Marketing..?

(Probably Not Like this)

We bet you haven’t worked with a lemon law agency like us:


Initial cost per case was $1,200, after working with us it's 60% less


Signed 3 solid cases, very confident he'll win them in court


Perfectly qualified inquiries. Growing case load.

We Only Take 7 Law Firms Per Month

For October there are only 3 spots remaining for California


Third case in first 2 weeks

Here's what we can do for you

New Lemon Law Cases

We use Google Ads Campaigns to find people who are looking for a lemon law attorney NOW.


You'll know exactly which calls are coming from your campaign. All inquiries you get are reported dynamically in a tracking sheet you have 24/7 access to.

Call Recording

All calls are recorded so we can (all) monitor the lead quality and optimize your campaign.

Landers That Convert

Slow, old, or bare website? No problem! We design a landing page for your campaign with gorgeous design, ultra FAST load speed, and persuasive copy (text) that make visitors want to talk to you.

Live training that increases your revenue

You don't have to hire the wolf of Wall Street, we'll train your staff to close like pros.

Courses & Digital Products

Depending on your niche, we may have put together a course on how to do this yourself.

Meet Our Lemon Law Marketing Wizards

Lena Logan, B.A.

Client Success Manager

Facilitates connections between attorneys and our top-notch lemon law firm growth services.

Yasmine Charif, Ph.D.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Finds where your ideal clients hangs out and places you there.

Julien Bourdaillet, Ph.D.

Google & YouTube Ads Maven

Builds the machinery, implants the tracking, & optimizes for A+ results.

Tyler opsahl

Copywriter & Sales Coach Extraordinaire

Turns words into leads and helps you turn phone calls into clients.

Form Inquiries for Los Angeles, CA

Phone Inquiries in August for Baltimore, MD

Why Work With Us

  1. You don’t have to pay per click, instead YOU PAY PER RESULT

  2. NO MONTHLY RETAINER, instead we make money only if we make you money

  3. We don’t work in many industries, instead our  PhD’s in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence  specialize in lemon law firms

  4. We have a proven track record of  2 x – 3x the revenue of lemon law firms in just a few months

  5. We generate targeted and exclusive leads. Our clients are  closing 60% – 75% of the new cases every month


All the fancy artificial intelligence and tactics in the world don't matter without clear, measurable results. That's why our mother tongue is data, and we swear by ROI.


You'll never miss a potential client. EVER AGAIN. Every time a lead calls your business or requests a callback, you get notified instantly by SMS and email.​


We'll never drown you in expert jargon (unless you like to geek out!). You'll know EXACTLY what your investment is doing... we report in simple, clear language (& numbers).


We've learned a thing or two having doing this hundreds of times before. If we've worked with your industry, we can build your campaign in as little as 3 days.

White Label

Marketing Agency owners: Want to offer our services to your agency clients? You've got yourself a match! We can white label that for you!​

No Long-Term Agreement

We don't know each other (yet) and we're not the kind to get trapped in a long-term relationship after one drink. If you like your results, you can continue your campaign on a monthly basis.

Open Enrollment For California Ends October 31th

Only 3 Spots Remaining! Next Open Enrollment in New York

Ready for More Cases?

Exciting! Let's connect and see if we're a good match. 😉

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Boolean Channel - Digital Marketing Agency - Google Ads To Get More Calls For Local Businesses
Boolean Channel - Digital Marketing Agency - Google Ads To Get More Calls For Local Businesses

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